OVIMPEX established in 1964, at the beginning in La Villette market and then in Rungis market was dedicated at the beginning to the trade of lamb carcasses.

In 1978, LOUIS DREYFUS group, taking over 100% of the shares, enabled OVIMPEX to become the number one in lamb in France and one of the most important importer of lamb and beef meat.

From 1983, OVIMPEX MASSICARD started to cut lamb carcasses for the supermarkets. During the following years, the company increased its activity in taking over some firms in its business sector:

  • In 1987, the company DHUMEAUX which was running some stands in RUNGIS meat market and later was dedicated to the trading of food products.
  • In 1992, the company MVS (Mondial Viande Service) in DOUAI which thrust the group strategic orientation with the retail distribution.

In 2001, the managing directors, soul of the company, whom for many years have boosted the business, decided to buy OVIMPEX MASSICARD from LOUIS DREYFUS through a MBO (Management Buy Out). OVIMPEX MASSICARD becoming SAS OVIMPEX.

In 2007, rich of its experience and in order to strengthen its presence in the whole French market, OVIMPEX opened a new branch in Lyon area in setting up a new company OVIMPEX DISTRIBUTIONIn 2008, it’s the founding of PRESTIMPEX dedicated to meat processing services for other meat dealers.
In 2010, OVIMPEX DISTRIBTION moves to a bigger site in Grillon in Vaucluse department. A new secondary outlet is founded in the wholesale meat market of Corbas near Lyon. This new development has given the opportunity for OVIMPEX DISTRIBUTON to take over the company APA (Alpes Provence Agneau) located in Sisteron and specialized in the French lamb traditional trade.

Then, in 2011, the company VIANOV is founded to take over the wholesale activities of the group in Rungis meat market.