New Zealand lamb:

New Zealand lamb is world renowned due to its distinctive flavour andpalatability - the result of being naturally raised on abundant fresh green pastures.
Against a backdrop of a pristine environment, New Zealand farmers understand quality. This combined with their geographical isolation and a coastline that offers natural border protection, is a unique selling point where country of origin and a guarantee of quality - from farm gate to plate - are essential ingredients in the buying decision. New-Zealand advantages:
- Lamb raised outdoor
- Efficient slaughter channels
- A superior meat quality
- A special export agreement
Organic Lamb from New Zealand are avalaible.

European Lamb

M.V.S. Company has a complete range of meat lamb coming from United Kingdom for the most part.
Saint George production that is:
- Natural (lamb raise with grass)
- Cheap (lambs are selected for their precocity, their growth and their rustic character)
- Daily available
All lamb are certified by the Quality standard EBLEX:
- Regular quality all the year
- Standardized fattening
- Regular procurement
Products are available in halal

French Lamb :

Superior lamb exclusively French origin:
- Lamb born and raised in France.
- Lamb feed by fodder, grain and feed supplement.
- French quality
- Available all the year